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Chocolate chip matcha cookies

(Kimmy) I love cooking and baking, as you will realise, when you see more of my posts… The kitchen is like a lab, it’s a place to experiment and try new things! 🙂

I looked into my cupboard the other day, and for some reason, decided I wanted to make some matcha baked product. Inspired by my mother’s swirl pastry curry puffs (a Malaysian snack – another post to come…), I searched for a matcha swirl pastry dessert, but failed to find a recipe, so I looked for matcha shortbread and then settled for matcha chocolate chip cookies. ‘Great!’, I thought to myself, ‘this should be easy.’, and then I saw that I was missing some ingredients. So I looked for another recipe, with the same issue. Finally, i decided to try to adapt a normal chocolate chip recipe and make my own matcha cookies with ingredients I did actually have.

I substituted some of the flour for 1 heaped tablespoonful of matcha powder, and reduced the sugar by 20g (out of the 160g). I started off trying to use the ice-cream scoop to make nice regular shapes, then finally gave up and went for the lazier more “abstract artistic” two spoon method of dividing the cookie dough onto the baking sheet. I like to think I am more efficient this way, even if my cookies don’t look nice and regular. I mean, it’s just going to be chewed up anyway, so who really cares about the shape?! 😛


Recipe to come… But essentially, I searched online for a chocolate chip cookie recipe and replaced some flour for matcha powder and decided to reduce the sugar because it sounded a bit too much for the dough… Successful experimentation, this time! 😀

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