Fantastic feasts and where to find them

Kitchen devices…

(Kimmy) There are so many devices out in the market to help you create amazing meals…. But do you really need them? My husband complains that I overstock food(in all forms) all over, and this was before people started stockpiling for Brexit! A friend even joked that she knew where to come for food if she ran out!


So, let me talk you through the Kitchen devices I have:

  • Rice cooker: an absolute must for rice eaters!
    • Does what it says on the tin 😛 without having to watch the hob
  • K-Mix : lovingly bought after working for three years and deciding to treat myself 🙂 (currently, and cleverly loaned to my mother so it doesn’t appear in my kitchen, for now)
    • Makes cakes so much more easily and with less achy arms from whisking manually!
    • Kneads dough effortlessly
    • Makes such lovely light meringues
    • I am currently scheming to buy the dicing attachment to assist in further recipes!
  • Halogen fan oven: this is useful for when you don’t have a full oven
    • Quick heating element with fan assistance (Also easy to clean)
    • Toasts, grills, bakes… fast! Fits a whole chicken in it!
  • Slow cooker: that was used more before the Instant Pot came along
    • Tender slow cooked stews
  • Hand mixer/blender: this is actually my husband’s, but I use it more than he does
    • Chops, whisks, blends
    • Compact and fairly easy to store
  • A Lidl brand of a device like the thermomix: given to me as a wedding present
    • Heats and mixes
    • Makes soups, jams, and a whole lot of other things
    • Steaming attachment too
  • Sous vide (wand)
    • Aids in tender meats, steaks, fish etc…
    • Awesome ‘slow cooked’ eggs that turn out like poached eggs but better!
    • Still not experimented as much as i would like
  • Vacuum sealer
    • For when you don’t finish what’s in the packet and aren’t going to have it again for  a while
    • And for sous vide cooking
  • Instant pot: bought using Christmas present money
    • It’s a pressure cooker and more!
    • Sauté feature, slow cook, fast pressure steam and other modes where you can adjust the temperature and or pressure according to what you are cooking.
  • Coffee machine (and grinder): mainly for my husband
  • Fridge/freezer, main oven and hob(non-gas 🙁 )


They all have their uses, but now that I have the instant pot, I don’t really need the hob, or my old pressure cooker, or the slow cooker or my rice cooker. It has so many different modes you can pretty much cook anything it in, although only one thing at a time… so I think I can justify keeping all my other devices!


I think people can tell I enjoy cooking and baking, because I do receive a lot of kitchen related gifts 🙂 Iron cast casserole pan, spatulas, cake wedge slicer, the ‘thermomix’, various cookbooks, salsa verde, cheese board, etc… but I don’t think I need any more kitchen related things (or I just need a bigger kitchen!)… I can just see my husband rolling his eyes right now…


Hope you had a little glimpse of what my kitchen is like 🙂


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